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Single's Club

The 'Single’s Club’ is a place where a group of diverse, single Christians navigate the complexities of modern dating while staying true to their faith. Surprises and unexpected connections surface, romantic sparks begin to ignite and each new meeting brings new twists and turns between the members of the ’Single’s Club'!

Angry People Of God

A social get-together between a group of Christians becomes a personal battleground as deep-seated conflicts arise, causing anger and emotional turmoil. Faith and relationships are strained to their limits. The bonds of trust that held them together begin to unravel as they confront their doubts, differences and personal tragedy.

The Devil's Medical Team

As patients start experiencing mysterious health complications and sudden deaths, suspicion arises among the residents. A hospital becomes a place of darkness and despair instead of care and hope. But one Christian’s faith and bravery leads them to uncover the truth. But it's a truth is beyond anyone’s worst nightmare. A malevolent force has manifested itself as, ’The Devil’s Medical Team’. Can Christian faith and belief prove itself to be a powerful enough force to defeat this Evil?


A loving but estranged father is fighting to maintain his relationship with his children. But his ex-wife is determined to keep them apart. And she will use any tactic - malicious legal action, emotional manipulation and every deception to stop him! The battle intensifies as Father and Wife go head-to-head over custody of the children. A gripping family drama of a father's devotion to his children, driven by the strength of his Christian faith and convictions.

Zoe Films Releases


I Want Out is the story of a woman married to a successful property developer, who is rich, powerful but oppressive! She is not content with being the wife and mother of two children, she is dissatisfied with her life - she must have all her husband's wealth! She wants everything! Driven by her greed she decides to murder her husband, but by a twist of fate, she does not succeed. What other way now can she get her hands on her husband’s money? She files for divorce. She knows that in English law she will not get everything she wanted, but she wants out, taking with her whatever she can get! The story tells of frustration in marriage, regret, greed and desperation.


Omo Awo is the story of a man who is a child of God. Unknown to him his father is an occultist. His mother and other siblings died when he was two years old. He is the only child left by his mother. His father has had struggles in business and family in his early life which has led his father to seek solutions from all spiritual and physical sources. His father's wife is a witch, his father's concubine/mistress is a triple witch. His father's mistress who is also a member of the occult introduced his father to the occult. Omo Awo lives in London and his father lives in Nigeria. Is London a place where there is enough fire to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy unleashed against Omo Awo in the bid to initiate him into the occult. How will Omo balance his love for God with his duty to family and to his father? Will he remain a child of God - or become a Child of the occult?


Akin is a businessman with many enemies. Unknown to him he has had witches in his business with a mission to close the business down. His father's house is engrossed in witchcraft. There is an unknown covenant that all the wives in his father's house will be initiated into witchcraft. Akin has distanced himself from all this evil foundation. He comes to the knowledge of all this in the middle of his life but can he fight the good fight of faith? Directed by Sola Oyin-Adejobi.


It’s a simple case of cause and effect. Hope dies and our dreams with it! Sooner or later we resign ourselves to the situation and stop hoping for change. We embrace hopelessness. That is Simon’s life, a long series of disappointments. Despite all his good intentions and best efforts, nothing is going right. His wife is ill and bed bound. The medical bills are crippling, and he is in debt. His son John is rebellious and hell-bent and self-destructive. Simon’s only source of joy is Anne, his beautiful teenage daughter. One day, overwhelmed by disenchantment and depression and having reached the breaking point, Simon confides in a stranger he meets in a park. Simon begins his journey back to hope, but nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover! The shock he will feel - when he discovers the real and unseen cause of all his troubles. Directed by Sola Oyin-Adejobi.


Exploring the balance between Faith and Life 'Who Sent You' is a question we are posed with concerning life choices. Whether that is in our day to day job, place of study or in a position of leadership. Sometimes we find ourselves in positions that we are not supposed to be in, others get a chance of redemption and others do not. Are your decisions rooted in God's purpose or people's influences? Directed by Seun Jonathan.


Pastor George is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a businessman, a philanthropist, a helper and builder of the Kingdom of God. But he has enemies. He also has a prophetic gift. The enemy of his soul is against his business, his ministry and his childrens' future. He has a great destiny but must war in prayer to defend it. With the help of God and his spiritual mentors Pastor George enters into another realm of spiritual warfare he has never known. Having been aware of this and having had to fight for his life, he realises that there are witchcraft powers in his father's house, in his local church, in his business, in his community he must deal with. The film sets to portray the power violent prophetic prayers make available to those who would dig deep. In this journey of prophetic prayers Pastor George employs various prayer warring tactics to fight against the kingdom of darkness. He has to fight for his life, destiny, calling, ministry business, children on all fronts. Will he win?